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Call for Nominations to the Market Renewal Working Group

March 2, 2017

The IESO is seeking to expand the membership of the Market Renewal Working Group (MRWG).  The MRWG to date has played an instrumental role in providing input and advice into the development of a Benefits Case analysis for the Market Renewal project.  Looking to the design phase, the MRWG will transition into a more enduring and collaborative stakeholder forum to help guide and contribute to the overall success of Market Renewal.

At a stakeholder meeting held on February 24, the IESO outlined some of the key roles and responsibilities the MRWG will play as we transition to the next phase of the project.  In addition to helping to guide the project, the MRWG will also be a forum for managing issues that arise within design discussions and to ensure continued effective coordination between different market renewal initiatives.  MRWG members will also be asked to review and consider any policy and potential ‘seams’ issues that may become apparent as market design discussions evolve.    

The IESO wants to ensure a diversity of voices and stakeholder perspectives can be brought to bear on these deliberations and discussions.  In particular, the MRWG would benefit from the perspectives of:

  • Emergent technologies and new potential market participants
  • Lower volume consumers
  • Local Distribution Companies

There is a preference for actual market participants or those looking to take a more active role in the IESO administered markets in the future.

Stakeholders interested in becoming a member of the MRWG are asked to submit a nomination to by end of day Wednesday, March 15, 2017.  The nomination should include some information about the person, their qualifications and how they can contribute to the MRWG.  In addition to the call for nominations, the IESO may reach out to individuals to inquire about their interest in participating in the working group.  The IESO is seeking a limited number of new members and will carefully review all nominations to ensure the MRWG provides balanced views and can continue to operate as a collaborative forum. The IESO will communicate directly with applicants as to whether or not they have been selected.

As Market Renewal enters the design phase, the commitment for MRWG members will increase and the MRWG will meet in-person at a minimum on a monthly basis with regular discussion and communication in between meetings.  Interested stakeholders should take note of this time commitment.

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