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Membership now available for new Grid-LDC Interoperability Standing Committee

January 26, 2017

The IESO has launched a new Grid-LDC Interoperability Standing Committee to inform and engage its members on matters relating to the coordination of IESO and LDC-controlled grid resources and to continue development of the Grid-LDC Interoperability and Data Sharing Framework. Committee members will discuss and identify current LDC operations opportunities that have potential to interact with the IESO and to highlight areas where collaboration and data sharing opportunities may exist.

Membership on the Committee is open to operations representatives of distribution and transmission companies who have a broad knowledge of grid operations. The IESO will also consider other representatives from the sector to attend meetings – particularly individuals who might contribute to discussions on emerging technologies and other energy related businesses. It is anticipated that the Committee will meet quarterly with the first meeting expected to be held in Q1 2017. A draft Terms of Reference for the Standing Committee is available for review and comment.

All interested and qualified applicants are invited to email to become a member of the Grid-LDC Interoperability Standing Committee or to receive any future information about the Committee.

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