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Demand Response Auction - Capacity Obligation Transfers

January 12, 2017

Demand Response (DR) capacity obligation transfers for demand response auction participants (DRAP) have been enabled starting January 11, 2017 for DR capacity obligations from the 2016 DR auction. DR capacity obligations transfers allow a DRAP to transfer all or a portion of its demand response capacity obligation to another DRAP who has qualified capacity to offer into the demand response auction for the same commitment period.

DRAPs may refer to the revised Market Manual 12: DR Auction, Section 9 for details on how a transfer may be completed. Concurrent with the update to the market manual, the amendments made to the relevant market rules (MR-00427-R00) have also become effective January 11, 2017. See Market Rules and Manuals Library for current documents.

















The DR Auction is a transparent and cost-effective way to select the most competitive providers of DR. More information about the DR Auction can be found on the

DR Auction page

of the IESO website.

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