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Market renewal engagement meeting

November 17, 2016

The next meeting for the Market Renewal Stakeholder Engagement will be held as a webinar on November 23 from 1-3pm.  During this session, the IESO and consultants from the Brattle Group will provide a status update on the activities of the Market Renewal Working Group, the proposed approach for the development of a Benefits Case and next steps in the engagement. 

Since the last Market Renewal stakeholder engagement meeting in June, the IESO, Brattle, and the Market Renewal Working Group have met regularly throughout the fall and work on the benefits case is progressing.

The webinar on November 23 will provide an opportunity to recap key elements of the discussion that has occurred at past stakeholder engagement meetings and to provide a status update on the project (with a focus on discussing the methodology Brattle is using to develop the benefits case). Our hope is that the webinar will position stakeholders to meaningfully engage in future discussions.   

Stakeholders interested in participating in the webinar can contact for further details and to register.

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