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Update on Technical Panel Determinations

August 11, 2016

The Technical Panel met on August 9 to discuss three proposed market rule amendments. The Panel determined two amendments warrant consideration, and requested comments from stakeholders on one of the sets of rule changes.

The Review of the Day-Ahead Calculation Engine (DACE) Market Rules submission identifies the need for market rule amendments to clarify and correct several subscripts, variables, formulas and definitions related to the DACE.  The need for such non-material changes were identified as part of the 2016 review of the IESO's Dispatch and Scheduling Optimization (DSO) and DACE processes and procedures. The Panel determined this submission warrants consideration, and detailed rule language will be brought to a subsequent Technical Panel meeting.

The Demand Response Auctions – Capacity Obligation Transfers submission identifies the need for market rule amendments to allow a demand response auction participant (DRAP) to transfer all or a portion of its demand response capacity obligation to another DRAP who had qualified capacity to offer into the demand response auction for the same commitment period.  This proposal is based on input from the Demand Response Working Group.  After discussing the proposed rule amendment, the Panel requested comments from the broader stakeholder community. Stakeholders are asked to provide comments by August 23 on the related market rule amendment proposal.  Comments can be sent to

The Real-Time Generation Cost Guarantee submission was designed to enable a new cost recovery framework for the real-time generation cost guarantee (RT-GCG) program. The changes are expected to increase the transparency of costs eligible to be submitted by market participants for recovery under the program, as well as reduce the scope and frequency of audits. The Panel reviewed the IESO's response to the feedback from stakeholders on the proposed rule changes. Panel members agreed to defer providing advice to the IESO Board on the proposed rule amendment until the next meeting.

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