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Market document changes available for review in Baseline 36.0

July 14, 2016

Four times per year, the IESO runs a formal process, called the baseline, to revise Market Manuals and related documents that result from recently approved Market Rule amendments or technical system changes.

A number of IESO Market Manuals and forms are available for review in Baseline 36.0, including changes made to Market Manual 7.4: IESO-Controlled Grid Operating Policies. The current version of Market Manual 7.4 has been rewritten and restructured to improve clarity and to better reflect the IESO current operating policies and practices – and not to introduce new operating policies to the IESO's operating staff. A mapping document has been created that provides further explanation of the changes, and includes a table listing the sections in the 'new' version of the manual and the corresponding sections in the 'existing' version.

Draft Market Manual 7.4, the mapping document, and several other documents included in this baseline can be found at Pending Change - Documents.

Comments on Baseline 36.0 documents may be sent to by August 5. The current Baseline Plan is available at Baseline Schedule.

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