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IESO releases three new regional plans

July 7, 2016

The IESO has released three Integrated Regional Resource Plans (IRRPs) for the areas of Pickering-Ajax-WhitbyGreenstone-Marathon and Bronte, which encompasses the City of Burlington and Town of Oakville.

The plans identify the unique electricity needs for each area and are designed to plan for growth to ensure that electricity is reliable and available as needed for the next 20 years. The IRRPs also address near-term electricity needs, as well as options to address needs over the medium and long term.

IRRPs are undertaken in the context of the province's Long-Term Energy Plan, as well as provincial and distribution-level planning. The development of IRRPs is mandated by the Ontario Energy Board, and the plans are updated every five years or sooner if required.

For more on regional planning, visit About Regional Planning.

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