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IESO launches Energy Partnerships Program

June 30, 2016

The IESO is now accepting applications for the Energy Partnerships Program (EPP). The IESO's EPP supports Indigenous communities, co-operatives, municipalities and public sector entities in the participation of Ontario's clean energy economy. The EPP streamlines four separate programs into one consistent fund. As a result it offers applicants a clear set of rules and guidelines to help make the application process more accessible and efficient.

The EPP accepts applications on a continuous basis and encourages all applicants to review the EPP Rules and Application Guidelines in order to submit complete applications. These can be found on the EPP Resources page, along with a program FAQ guide.

For more information on the EPP, please contact EPP staff at or at 416-969-6317.

Additional information can be found at EPP News ReleaseEPP Backgrounder, and EPP web page.

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