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Update to Energy Conservation Agreement for LDCs

April 7, 2016

On April 8, the IESO will formally post Version 2.0 of the Energy Conservation Agreement (ECA), the document that sets out the contractual relationship between the IESO and LDCs under the Conservation First Framework. LDCs will have 15 business days to provide notice to the IESO of agreement with the changes.

The revised agreement addresses a number of needs expressed by LDCs in support of delivering effective programs under the Conservation First Framework. Together, these revisions will provide the LDCs with additional flexibility in the delivery of programs and reflect updated processes and requirements that have resulted from more than a year of experience with the original version of the ECA. All revisions have been reviewed by the Conservation First Implementation Committee (CFIC) and were posted for LDC review prior to being finalized.

Key revisions to the ECA Version 2.0 include: general administrative and legislative compliance requirements, updates to the reporting and settlement processes as a result of transitioning to the IESO market settlement system, IESO-assisted settlement process for multi-site applications, eligibility of extension agreements, and an expedited process for CDM plan resubmissions.

Official Notice of Posting documentation will be sent to the LDC Conservation Officers on April 8.

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