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Adequacy and Transmission Limits reporting changes now available for comment

April 21, 2016

The IESO has been working closely with stakeholders to facilitate changes and enhancements to the delivery and quality of IESO Adequacy Reporting. The result of this engagement initiative will provide consistent and automated publishing of reports, and improved access to information on Ontario's security and adequacy data.

At the completion of this engagement, these new reports will reflect the improved organization of data:

  • The Adequacy Reports will contain aggregated demand, capacity, outage, and scheduling related information up to 34 days in advance
  • The Zonal Demand Forecast Report will contain East and West demand forecasts up to 34 days in advance
  • The Transmission Outage Limits Report and Transmission All-in-Service Limits Report will contain information related to internal transmission and intertie transfer capabilities
  • Advisory Notices will be made available by RSS feed and the IESO website

These new reports will replace the existing System Status Report (SSR), Daily and Weekly Security and Adequacy Assessment (SAA), Adequacy and Day-Ahead Adequacy Report, and the Generator Planned Outage Report.

A number of IESO market manuals reflecting these changes are available for review on the Pending Changes - Documents. Comments may be sent to by April 29.

For more information on the Adequacy Reporting engagement and the progress to date, please visit the IESO Engagement page.

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