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Proposed changes to market rules re: IESO ‘basecase’

March 10, 2016

The IESO "basecase" is a digital electrical-model of the IESO connected grid used to conduct power system studies. Currently, it is uncertain as to whether the market rules and IESO Confidentiality Catalogue permit the IESO to share the basecase (dynamic or loadflow) with market participants or their consultants. As such, the IESO will be taking steps to propose changes to the market rules to enable market participants to complete connection assessment applications, including permitting market participants and their consultants to obtain the basecase from the IESO, as well as to facilitate transmitters' capacity to meet reliability obligations.

The proposed changes will enable market participants to complete their activities while preserving confidentiality by releasing the basecase to a participant's consultant under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Among other limitations, market participants or third party consultants to the NDA will only be permitted to use the basecase for the stated purpose. Meanwhile transmitters will have facilitated access under existing operating agreements due to their integral nature in ensuring reliability.

All proposed market rule amendments are brought to the IESO's Technical Panel, which is a forum of individuals representing multiple sectors in Ontario's electricity system. They provide advice and recommendations directly to the IESO Board of Directors on market rule amendments.

Please contact IESO Engagement for any questions or for more information. The IESO will host a webinar to provide more details if requested.

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