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Large Renewable Procurement engagement

February 4, 2016

The IESO intends to seek feedback from stakeholders, municipalities and Aboriginal communities at the completion of the LRP I procurement to understand what improvements can be made prior to the second round of large renewable procurement (LRP II).

The IESO continues to evaluate proposals received in response to the LRP I RFP and will communicate the results when the process is complete in March 2016.

Formal engagement on the lessons learned from LRP I and the development of LRP II is expected to commence in early April 2016 following the completion of the LRP I process. The initial engagement process is anticipated to be survey and webinar-based, with meetings with industry associations, municipal associations and First Nation and Métis communities. Further engagement opportunities will be provided during the subsequent LRP II RFQ and RFP phases. An engagement plan will be posted in the coming weeks with additional details.

Should you have any questions or comments on the future engagement please send them to

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