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Four Interim Market Document Changes posted for comment

February 25, 2016

The IESO has posted four Interim Market Document Changes (IMDC) for stakeholder comment related to the implementation of the new charge type 9920, "Adjustment Account Credit". This new charge is required for the IESO Board approved disbursement of a surplus in the IESO adjustment account to Ontario Loads and Exporters.

Information related to the new charge type has been added to the following documents:

  • IMDC – 27 - IESO Charge Types and Equations (IMP_LST_0001)
  • IMDC – 28 - Format Specifications for Settlement Statement Files and Data Files (IMP_SPEC_0005)
  • IMDC – 29 - Market Manual 5: Settlements Part 5.5:  Physical Markets Settlement Statements (MDP_PRO_0033)
  • IMDC – 30 - HST Guide for IESO Transactions (IMO_GDE_0002)

These IMDCs are available at Pending Changes - Documents. Stakeholders can submit comments on these IMDCs until March 3 by emailing These IMDCs, pending stakeholder feedback, are expected to come into effect on March 14.

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