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Draft Technical Panel Terms of Reference available for comment

February 25, 2016

The IESO is making efforts to better align the Technical Panel process with the IESO engagement framework for the broader mandate of the IESO. As part of that work, the IESO has drafted a Terms of Reference to update the Technical Panel activities that currently exist in the Governance & Structure By-Law (the By-Law).

The draft Terms of Reference is available. The IESO will take feedback on the draft Terms of Reference until March 11.Feedback can be sent to

The IESO also expects to update the By-Law to ensure that the Panel's important duties to review and advise the IESO Board of Directors on amendments to the Market Rules are captured in the By-Law. Sections of the By-Law referring to day-to-day-activities, powers, duties and composition would be expected to be moved from the By-Law to the Terms of Reference. Reflecting the Technical Panel's advisory position, references to decisions in the Technical Panel section of the By-Law would be changed to recommendations. These anticipated changes will be consistent with the requirements of the Technical Panel already set out in Chapter 3, Section 4 of the Market Rules.

The current draft of the Terms of Reference has been amended based on stakeholder feedback given by Technical Panel members. It was also discussed at the February 10 Stakeholder Advisory Committee meeting. All written feedback and the IESO response is posted to Technical Page page.

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