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Alignment of Ontario compliance dates

January 21, 2016

For market participants who are subject to NERC Reliability Standard PRC-005 which requires the implementation of protection system maintenance programs for Bulk Electric System elements, NERC has aligned the effective dates of the revised PRC-005 versions with the recently approved PRC-005-6 version and simplified the implementation schedule.

Revised PRC-005 versions (namely PRC-005-2(ii), PRC-005-3(i), PRC-005-3(ii), PRC-005-4 and PRC-005-5) will become effective at the same time through a single, unified PRC-005-6 Reliability Standard and associated implementation plan, providing market participants with additional time, minimizing the possibility of misinterpretations that may arise from multiple PRC-005 versions.

Updated Ontario Enforcement Dates for this Reliability Standard can be found on the IESO's Reliability Standards Compliance webpage.

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