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Constrained-Off CMSC at the Interties settlement automation update

December 3, 2015

As previously reported through the Bulletin, Constrained-Off Congestion Management Settlement Credits (CMSC) at the Interties (MR-00423) will be implemented this year. As of trade date December 11 (settlement statement issued on December 29), Market Participants will no longer receive a CMSC line item on their settlement statements for intertie transactions that are not eligible for CMSC as per MR-00423.

The IESO will retroactively reverse all applicable CMSC payments to the MR-00423 for trade dates September 18 to December 10 as a manual line adjustment on the December 31 preliminary settlement statement, issued on January 15, 2016.

Market Rule amendment (MR-00423) limits constrained-off CMSC for all intertie transactions. Specifically, market participants who are offering to inject or withdraw energy over an intertie shall not be eligible for CMSC payments where the transaction is constrained-off in the final pre-dispatch run prior to the dispatch hour.

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