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2016 Compliance Monitoring Plan

December 17, 2015

The 2016 MACD Compliance Monitoring Plan provides market participants with information on the market rules and reliability standards that MACD will monitor for compliance in 2016, and the discovery methods that MACD will use during 2016 to assess market participants' compliance with these market rules and reliability standards. Market participants that meet the applicability criteria set out in Market Manual 11, Reliability Compliance, Part 11.1 Applicability Criteria for Compliance with NERC Reliability Standards and NPCC Criteria, should refer to this compliance monitoring plan to become familiar with their compliance reporting obligations in 2016. Those market participants are also reminded that they are responsible for compliance with all applicable reliability standards at all times, regardless of the reliability standards being monitored for compliance in a given year.

The MACD compliance monitoring plan and compliance reporting schedule for 2016 has been posted on the Reliability Standards Compliance Program webpage.

Any questions regarding the 2016 compliance monitoring plan should be sent to both and

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