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IESO selects new energy storage projects

November 26, 2015

The IESO is continuing its efforts to integrate energy storage into system operations and has offered contracts to five companies for nine separate energy storage projects totalling 16.75 megawatts (MW). These projects mark the completion of the IESO's plan to secure a total of 50 MW of energy storage in Ontario. Once the projects are in service, they will demonstrate their ability to support reliability by responding to changing grid conditions.

The IESO followed a competitive Request for Proposal process to select the five successful companies, which are Ameresco Canada Inc., SunEdison Canada Origination LP., NextEra Canada Development & Acquisitions Inc., NRStor Inc., and Baseload Power Corp.

The approved projects include four solid batteries, representing eight MW; four flow batteries, representing seven MW; and one compressed air system, representing 1.75 MW. The 10-year contracts cover projects that range in capacity from one to two MW each.

For further information, please see the news release posted here.

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