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Final reminder for registration into MPI-API Replacement Refresh market trial

November 19, 2015

In March 2014 interested market participants were invited to join a working group where they would be able to provide direct feedback on the redesign of the Market Information Management (MIM) solution. The working group was intended to solicit the feedback and experience of those who use the Market Participant User Interface (MPI) and Application Programming Interface (API) in communicating with the IESO. The purpose of the working group was to coordinate a system refresh project with interested stakeholders where the IESO would seek and incorporate that input from the membership into the redesign, transition and implementation schedule of the eventual solution.

Over the course of a year of and a half, the working group has undertaken some very important work to help direct the refresh. The progress and materials along the way can be viewed on the MIM working group page here.

Market trials for this project will commence on November 25, focusing specifically on testing the IESO Development Kit (IDK) and MIM Web Service Toolkit (MWT).

A webinar is scheduled for November 24 to provide a brief overview of the test details and environment. The market trial will run from November 25 to December 16.

To register for the webinar and/or market trial, please email In order to ensure appropriate access is in place for the market trial, please provide the test account name and IP address to be used during the 3 week testing period.

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