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Comments invited for market rule exemption recommendation

November 12, 2015

The IESO is requesting comments for a Market Rule exemption for Kingsbridge 1 (K1) Wind Farm.

The participant is seeking an exemption from Market Rule chapter 4, section 7.1.6, which states: Each variable generator shall provide data to the IESO in accordance with the applicable market manual for the purposes of deriving forecasts of the amount of energy that the variable generator is capable of producing.

The exemption applies to the current telemetry rules found in Market Manual 1.2. Kingsbridge 1 Wind Farm will continue to provide meteorological data and an alternate method of telemetry will take its place. This exemption would extend for the life of the facility.

The exemption information is available on the Active Exemption Applications webpage.

Submit your comments to The deadline to send comments is Friday, November 27.

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