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Completion of 10-Minute Operating Reserve Pilot

October 15, 2015

The IESO has completed a pilot which tested the activation and delivery of 10-minute operating reserve (OR) sourced from Quebec. The IESO schedules 10-minute OR to maintain a quick response to real-time under-supply conditions brought on by contingencies and unforeseen events within Ontario's footprint.

The pilot began in the fall of 2013, and has been completed to the satisfaction of the IESO, demonstrating a reliable supply of 10-minute OR for the IESO controlled grid (ICG). Pilot tests were performed with participation of Hydro-Quebec TransEnergie (HQT), the Balancing Authority for the province of Quebec.

The maximum amount of 10-minute OR scheduled by IESO from Quebec continues to be 100MW and can only be provided on the Outaouais tieline.

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