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IESO releases RFP for Demand Response Pilot projects

April 2, 2015

The IESO is competitively procuring a diverse portfolio of demand response (DR) pilot projects that can provide load following services. The procurement, for up to 100 megawatts - about the average peak demand of the city of Kingston, will provide new opportunities for electricity consumers to help meet system needs and reduce overall costs.

As electricity supply and demand fluctuates, the system has traditionally been balanced by managing generation output. Demand response resources participating in this pilot will provide a cost-effective alternative by increasing or decreasing their electricity consumption in five-minute or hourly blocks to help the system match supply and demand. Participants may also provide an alternative to starting up generating stations by committing in advance to reducing their electricity use.

These projects will allow participants to participate directly in the electricity market and will also help the IESO enhance the integration of DR resources. More information is available at: For those wishing to respond, the RFP is available through MERX e-tendering website.

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