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IT Standing Committee update

March 19, 2015

In an effort to continue incorporating important stakeholder feedback on IT initiatives underway at the IESO, the IT Standing Committee (ITSC) is embarking on an update to the structure of its work; specifically focusing on the vision, scope and membership of the committee. The current Terms of Reference, Committee Membership and Meeting Schedule will be reviewed and updated to best serve the objectives of this stakeholder committee.

The overall objective of the ITSC is to coordinate the full scope of IT projects at the IESO in an organized project roadmap. The goal will be to keep the membership informed of all work underway at the IESO and solicit stakeholder feedback throughout the process.  The ITSC will review IT-related initiatives which may include projects and initiatives underway in parallel with items already within focus for this committee.

The next ITSC meeting will be held on Thursday, April 16. For insight into the ITSC work to date, please visit IT Standing Committee. For more information on becoming involved in this process, please contact us at

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