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Foundation Project - call for nominations and upcoming conference call

March 19, 2015

The IESO has issued a call for nominations for membership on an expert working group to make recommendations on ways to enhance the value of residential and small commercial electricity consumption data by:

  • Defining the information required to be associated with electricity consumption information (such as geo-location) to enable analysis of this information;
  • The development of rules and protocols for data access by Third Parties within a Privacy by Design framework.

The Foundation Project Stakeholder Engagement Plan provides further information on the relationship between the Foundations Working Group (FWG) and broader stakeholders.

Nominations should note the specific experience of the nominee that will contribute to achieving the objectives of the FWG. Comments and suggestions regarding the draft FWG Terms of Reference are also welcome.

Nominations are due by April 2. Please send your nomination request to

The IESO will be holding a conference call on Thursday, March 26 to go over the role of the Working Group, the Terms of Reference and to answer any questions about the Call for Nominations. Stakeholders can register to participate also by contacting

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