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Update on recent Technical Panel determinations

Update on recent Technical Panel determinations

January 22, 2015

The Technical Panel met on January 20 and recommended an amendment proposal for IESO Board approval and requested comments from stakeholders on a set of rule changes.

The Technical Panel has recommended that the IESO Board of Directors approve Market Rule amendment MR-00413-R00: Market Rule Reference to Safety, Environment and Applicable Law when it meets on March 25.

This proposal creates consistency in the language used throughout the market rules which allow a market participant, or the IESO, to take such action in order to ensure the safety of any person, prevent the damage of equipment, or prevent the violation of any applicable law. The recommended effective date of this amendment is April 17.

The Technical Panel has determined that MR-00415-Q00: Generation Facility Requirements – Voltage Ride Through and Reactive Power warrants consideration.

This submission amends the title of Category 3 in Appendix 4.2 from "Low Voltage Ride Through" to "Voltage Ride Through" to reflect that generation facilities have both low voltage and high voltage ride through requirements.  In addition, the submission proposes to delete the word "continually" from Category 5 of Appendix 4.2 which will remove unwarranted barriers to market entry for some generating facilities.

Stakeholders are asked to provide comments by February 12 on the related market rule amendment proposal MR-00415-R00, using the written submission form.

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