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Three Interim Market Document Changes posted for comment

January 8, 2015

The IESO has posted three Interim Market Document Changes (IMDC) for stakeholder comment.

IMDC-18 proposes the introduction of measurement and verification requirements to facilitate the registration of Demand Response Market Participants into the Capacity Based Demand Response program. This information is being added to Market Manual 5.5: "Physical Markets Settlement Statements". A recent Market Rule Amendment (MR-00408) was passed creating this Demand Response Market Participant. This IMDC is another building block, stemming from that rule change, as the IESO moves towards the launch of a Capacity Based Demand Response program.

IMDC-8 proposes to expand IESO control actions when Surplus Baseload Generation (SBG) conditions are forecasted or are occurring in real-time providing further transparency of control room operations. This section, renamed to 'IESO SBG Control Actions (Forecast or Occuring)', can be found in Market Manual 7.2: "Near-Term Assessments and Reports".

IMDC-20 proposes changes to Market Manual 4.3: "Real-Time Scheduling of the Physical Markets", to include a condition in which the dispatch algorithm has produced a real-time schedule not accurately reflecting the minimum run-time or lockout status of a facility, due to dispatch algorithm limitations. This will provide control room operations with greater clarity on when they may be required to issue dispatch instructions that depart from the real-time schedule produced by the Dispatch Scheduling and Optimization (DSO) tool, benefiting participants with a schedule that more accurately reflects their operating status.

These IMDCs are available at Pending Changes - Documents. Stakeholders can submit comments on these IMDCs until January 15 by emailing These IMDCs, pending stakeholder feedback, are expected to come into effect on January 19.

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