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ORCP forms posted for stakeholder comment

January 15, 2015

Three Ontario Reliability Compliance Program (ORCP) forms are posted on the Pending Changes - Documents page for stakeholder review. Comments may be sent to by January 23.

· IESO_FORM_1526 – NERC Reliability Standard FAC-003-3 'Transmission Vegetation Management' is used to ensure applicable Transmission Owners and applicable Generator Owners manage vegetation to prevent encroachment.

· IESO_FORM_31 – NERC Reliability Standard PER-001-0.2 'Operating Personnel Responsibility and Authority' is used to ensure each Transmission Operator and Balancing Authority shall provide operating personnel with the responsibility and authority to implement real-time actions to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the Bulk Electric System.

· IESO_FORM_30 – NERC Reliability Standard IRO-001-1.1 'Reliability Coordination – Responsibilities and Authorities' is used to ensure Reliability Coordinators have the authority, plans, and agreements in place to immediately direct reliability entities within their Reliability Coordinator Areas to re-dispatch generation, reconfigure transmission, or reduce load to mitigate critical conditions to return the system to a reliable state.

The ORCP is used by the IESO to monitor, assess and enforce compliance with reliability standards in Ontario.

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