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New method to submit a Notice of Disagreement launching January 30

January 29, 2015

The new method to submit a Notice of Disagreement (NOD) in Online IESO will be available for the first time on January 30 to all registered Notice of Disagreement contacts. The Notice of Disagreement application is the latest in a series of tools, including Prudentials Online and Meter Installation Registration Online, to be added to the Online IESO platform. This platform provides participants with a better method for submission, greater transparency, and better communication for the NOD process.

Thank you to those participants who helped with the implementation by participating in market trials and webinars, and adding Notice of Disagreement contact roles for their organizations in Online IESO. Additional information about Notice of Disagreements in Online IESO can be found in Managing a Notice of Disagreement.

All Market Participants that have settlement activity are reminded that they must add at least one Notice of Disagreement contact role in Online IESO, to ensure seamless access to the NOD application. To add a Notice of Disagreement contact, one of your organization's Applicant Representatives will log into Online IESO at and follow the Step-by-Step Guide for Adding a Contact Role. Participants requiring assistance can always contact

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