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Sector Participants > Call for nominations to the IESO Stakeholder Advisory Committee

Call for nominations to the IESO Stakeholder Advisory Committee

September 26, 2013

The IESO Board of Directors is seeking nominations for membership on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee. This Committee gives senior stakeholder representatives the opportunity to provide policy-level advice and recommendations directly to the IESO Board of Directors and Executives on IESO business development, policy, and planning decisions.

The Terms of Reference sets out the expectations of Committee members representing different perspectives from four broad sectors - Generators, Consumers, Conveyors and Electricity Service Providers. Nominations will be accepted for candidates under the following stakeholder constituencies:

- Consumers - two positions

- Electricity Service Providers - one position

- Conveyors - one position

Current representatives from the Electricity Service Providers and Conveyors sectors have completed one three-year term and are eligible for a second term.

Additional details on the available positions can be found in the Call for Nominations letter.  

Please submit nominations to the Stakeholder Advisory Committee on behalf of yourself or another individual by letter together with the nominee's resume no later than October 25, 2013 to: R. D. Roy Stewart General Counsel and Secretary Independent Electricity System Operator 655 Bay Street, Suite 410, P. O. Box 1 Toronto, ON M5G 2K4 T: (416) 506-2855 F: (416) 506-2838 Email: Details on the nomination process along with the responsibilities and required qualifications of Committee members can be found in the Terms of Reference.