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Sector Participants > IESO Enhanced Day Ahead Commitment Successfully Launched

IESO Enhanced Day Ahead Commitment Successfully Launched

October 13, 2011

The IESO launched the Enhanced Day Ahead Commitment Process (EDAC) yesterday, marking the most significant improvement to the electricity market since it opened in May 2002.

EDAC will bring about efficiencies through the advanced scheduling and commitment of resources which are expected to reduce costs to consumers by up to $17 million per year. The enhanced process provides hourly schedules for generators and dispatchable industrial users over a 24-hour period in a way that ensures the least cost to consumers. Previously the market systems looked at each hour in isolation. Providing market participants with a 24-hour optimized commitment also allows them to plan better and operate more effectively.

The project has been delivered on time and on budget and the IESO received tremendous support from market participants. The IESO is committed to working with stakeholders to continue to find ways to evolve Ontario's electricity market.