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Sector Participants > Dispatch Technical Working Group - Members Selected

Dispatch Technical Working Group - Members Selected

June 2, 2011

The members of the Dispatch Technical Working Group (DTWG) have been selected and posted to the Dispatch Technical Working Group website. All working group materials and meeting minutes will be posted to the DTWG website. As such, non-members are encouraged to review material and provide comment or feedback to

The members of the group will discuss design details of the Renewable Integration Design Principles related to dispatch. Specifically, this includes:

- Defining the technical limitations for wind and solar generators that must be respected by the dispatch algorithm;

- Defining the dispatch data requirements (price/quantity pairs and ramp rates) for variable generators and how dispatch instructions will be sent to these generators;

- Defining the appropriate dispatch compliance rules for variable generators; and,

- Defining the conditions under which variable generators are eligible to receive Congestion Management Settlement Credits.

The discussion paper, Dispatching Variable Generation Resources, provides additional detail on the IESO dispatch process and issues to be resolved by the working group. For more information, visit the DTWG webpage.

Renewable Integration (SE-91)  is a stakeholder initiative discussing how the IESO will adapt power system operations and the IESO-administered markets to accommodate increases in renewable generation.