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Sector Participants > Renewable Integration Final Design Principles Posted

Renewable Integration Final Design Principles Posted

March 9, 2011

The final design principles for Renewable Integration (SE-91) have been posted to the RI engagement webpage.  

The principles posted for the March 2 meeting have been amended to reflect the following:

- Principle 1 has been changed to more accurately reflect that the principle applies to all wind and solar resources with an installed capacity of 5MW or greater and all wind and solar resources directly connected to the IESO Controlled Grid.

- Principle 6 has been changed to clarify that the principle applies to all generators subject to centralized forecasting.

- Principles 7 and 11 have been adjusted to reflect the intent of including both 'resources connected to the IESO-Controlled Grid', AND 'embedded variable resources that are registered market participants'.

The final design principles reflect stakeholder consultation feedback received by the IESO, and will be used as the basis for development of market rules and the detailed design work for their implementation.

Thank you to those that have been participating in the Renewable Integration stakeholder engagement process. Consultation is continuing through the Visibility Technical Working Group and additional working groups will be established. Materials for the next Visibility Technical Working Group meeting on March 16th will be posted by the end of the week.

Renewable Integration (SE-91) is a stakeholder initiative discussing how the IESO will be adapting power system operations and the IESO-administered markets to register and incorporate the increase in renewable generation.