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Sector Participants > February 15 Webcast for Feedback on Registration Information Transition

February 15 Webcast for Feedback on Registration Information Transition

January 28, 2011

This email is sent to IESO registered Certificate Subscriber Registration Officers and respondents to the previous survey on MPI registration information.

Market participants' access to their IESO registration information via the Market Participant Interface will be disabled for approximately one year, beginning May, 2011. This is required to facilitate the replacement of the MPI by a new Customer Data Management System. The IESO is inviting stakeholders who are knowledgeable about how their organization uses registration information to attend a webcast on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The IESO welcomes others in your organization to attend.

The webcast will include discussions on:

- What registration data market participants most often access via MPI, and

- How this information can best be provided to market participants in the interim.

To register, email

Background on Registration Information via MPI

The Market Participant Interface (MPI) is only accessible on a computer with a digital certificate installed. The registration database accessed via the MPI stores all basic information about market participants and their facilities. A description of the types of information available on the various screens of the registration database is available. Market participants may wish to refer to it in order to identify the essential data used in their organization in advance of the webcast.

An initial survey on this topic was distributed in October 2010. This survey gathered feedback from market participants regarding the registration information market participants access and whether ad-hoc email requests to the IESO could fulfil their needs during the temporary absence of system access. A few respondents raised concerns regarding confidentiality, turnaround time and requests outside of office hours. This webcast is a more detailed follow-up to this survey.

A new webpage has been created for this stakeholder initiative where the survey summary, meeting dates, and other information are posted.

For more information, contact Stakeholder Engagement.