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Sector Participants > Feedback Requested for Control Action Operating Reserve Study

Feedback Requested for Control Action Operating Reserve Study

September 30, 2010

The IESO is seeking input from market participants to several questions that have been developed on Control Action Operating Reserve (COAR). A related paper has been authored by Ontario Power Generation to investigate operating reserve shortage pricing mechanisms in neighbouring markets. Answers to the questions will provide the IESO with your suggestions for improving CAOR implementation. The deadline for submitting input is October 21, 2010 to The questions can be found on the CAOR engagement webpage.

A revised stakeholder plan for Control Action Operating Reserve Study (SE-72) is available.

Reliability standards allow the IESO to consider the demand relief that would result from the use of out-of-market control actions to meet the Ontario operating reserve requirement. The demand relief from these control actions is termed Control Action Operating Reserve (CAOR). The IESO is reviewing the pricing and structure of the CAOR standing offers to address concerns raised by stakeholders. This initiative will be of specific interest to all market participants who participate in the operating reserve market.