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Enhanced Day Ahead Commitment Project Update

April 29, 2010

The Audit Committee of the IESO Board of Directors has approved a release of capital funds to complete the implementation of the Enhanced Day Ahead Commitment (EDAC) project and carry out testing. With the Audit Committee decision, the IESO will now complete the IT Design and Build phase of the project and carry out internal acceptance testing. In order to facilitate project updates to stakeholders throughout this period, the IESO is establishing a Project Advisory Group under Stakeholder Engagement Plan #73. This group will be consulted on important market facing milestones that will occur in 2011 such as training, development of market manuals, ability testing and scheduling for both Market Trials and in-service. The revised Stakeholder Engagement plan has been posted for comment.

The first meeting of the group will be held June 11, 2010. In addition to SE 73, stakeholder input related to market facing systems and reports will continue to be discussed via SE 87 EDAC- IT Build. The next milestone activity of this group is the review of technical and report specifications in May and June. More information can be found on EDAC- IT Build engagement webpage. Market Trials for EDAC are currently scheduled to begin in mid 2011, with an expected in service date in fall 2011.