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Engagement principles guide the conduct of the IESO, market participants, stakeholders, communities, customers and the general public towards an efficient and effective process. Initiatives require different forums for engagement and all are posted the IESO website. The IESO uses the perspectives brought forward in these forums to inform its decision making.

Katherine Sparkes, Director, Innovation, Research & Development, IESO

Katherine Sparkes

Katherine Sparkes is the Director, Innovation, Research & Development at the IESO where she is responsible for driving initiatives in support of grid modernization and the removal of barriers to the deployment of cost-effective solutions that enhance the reliability, adequacy and affordability of Ontario’s electricity supply.  Katherine and her team work with partners across the IESO and broader energy sector and beyond to understand and evaluate the capability of emerging technologies, services, practices and policies to meet Ontario’s current and future electricity needs. They also deliver a suite of award-winning conservation and demand management programs to Ontario electricity customers. Katherine has worked in the consulting and non-profit sectors and teaches in the Energy & Infrastructure Program at Osgoode Hall Law School. An urban planner by training, Katherine’s volunteer efforts are focused on improving the safety of Toronto’s streets in support of active transportation.