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Proposed Changes to Program and Systems Conservation Program

The IESO is seeking input on proposed changes to the Program and Systems program, currently offered through the Conservation First Framework and the Industrial Accelerator Program.

The P&S initiative is a program focused towards medium-size and large business that has flexibility to enable conservation measures in their complex systems, that provides a value back to Ontario ratepayers in reduced energy use. The initiative has a funding stream for engineering studies to build the rationale and the business case for proceeding with a project, which can lead to a capital incentive application, and the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

Input received during this engagement will be used to evaluate the proposed changes to the Program and Services program, and can also provide insight into other barriers and opportunities with the program. It is anticipated that a broad community of stakeholders will be interested in this initiative such as customers and their representatives, engineering consultants, channel allies and LDCs will be interested in this engagement opportunity.

All comments and enquiries in this engagement can be directed to Documents referenced on this page, but not posted, can be obtained by contacting with a link to the web page that lists the document and advise whether it needs to be provided in an accessible format. Please allow a minimum of one business day for a response.

Engagement Plan (Draft)

Schedule of Activities 

Activities Expected Actions

December 21, 2018

PSU Update | Engagement Complete


May 7, 2018

Updated Rules to Program and System Conservation Program - Implemented


Q1 2018

Notice on implementation of changes


Early December

Second Webinar (TBC)


November 15, 2017

 IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback


October 31, 2017

Deadline for Stakeholder Feedback

  • Communication

Stakeholder Feedback

  • Aladaco Consulting Inc.
  • Anonymous
  • Ontario CHP Consortium

October 16, 2017

First Webinar (9:30 am - 10:30 am)

  • Communication
  • Presentation
  • Engagement Plan - Draft for Comment
  • October 16 Q&A