Northeast Bulk Planning Initiatives

A bulk power system plan is being developed for Northeast Ontario to address system constraints affecting the ability to supply electricity demand growth in the area, and even more broadly throughout Northern Ontario. Driven by potential significant growth primarily in large industrial customers, this plan will examine upstream bulk system impacts to the Northeast area and develop a plan to address identified needs. 

Northeast Ontario map depicting transmission zones and anticipated transmission projects

The IESO’s 2020 Annual Planning Outlook identified constraints with delivering supply resources from Northern Ontario to the rest of the province. The Northeast Bulk Plan will examine forecasted constraints under various electricity supply and demand conditions – including specific large load connection scenarios, investigate reinforcement options, and identify the nature, magnitude and timing for when the implementation of solutions would be required. A major focus of this plan will be to address the limitation of facilities between the City of Sudbury and Municipality of Wawa to meet future capacity and deliverability requirements. 

A public webinar will be held on July 27 at 10:00 a.m. to provide an overview of the scope of the Northeast Bulk Plan including the assumptions and scenarios underlying the electricity demand forecast that will form the basis for identifying and characterizing future electricity needs, and more broadly the various electricity planning initiatives underway in Northern Ontario. To learn more or to register visit IESO Connects.