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July Stakeholder Engagement Meetings

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July 19 & 21 Agenda (via webinar)

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Attendees are invited to participate in any or all of the sessions. Each of the sessions will be held as a separate webinar as shown in the agenda below. Pre-registration is recommended for each of the sessions you plan on attending.

Meeting Materials

For meeting materials, please click on the title of the session to access the engagement webpage where documents are posted two weeks in advance of meetings.

Please contact with any questions.

Stakeholder Engagement Update

This engagement update provides a snapshot of all active IESO engagement activities and is updated on a monthly basis. It helps support a greater understanding of linkages between engagements, and a foundation for more comprehensive and integrated updates.


July 19, 2022

Time Agenda Item Action

1:30 p.m.

2021-2024 Conservation and Demand Management Framework: Mid-Term Review

This webinar will present preliminary findings from the CDM Mid-Term Review related to the customer needs review, program needs review, and competitive mechanisms review for stakeholder feedback. It will also summarize feedback received on the first MTR engagement webinar and provide an update on the refresh of the CDM Achievable Potential Study.

Recorded Presentation

3:00 p.m.

Meeting Adjourned


July 21, 2022

Time Agenda Item Action

9:00 a.m.

Capacity Auction Information Update

The IESO will provide an update on the 2022 Capacity Auction enhancements that were discussed over the course of 2021 and into 2022 which have recently been reviewed by the Technical Panel and IESO Board of Directors, the proposed Forward Capacity Auction framework, introduced at the June 9, 2022, Resource Adequacy engagement meeting and present next steps on developing an engagement plan for the 2023 enhancements, intended to facilitate further improvements to the IESO’s Capacity Auction. 

Recorded Presentation

10:00 a.m.

Meeting Adjourned


2:00 p.m.

MRP Implementation: MPM Market Manual Update and RSS Project Update

The IESO will provide an update on further amendments to the Market Power Mitigation Market Manuals, which were informed by stakeholder input, and recap the progress on the Reference Level/Reference Quantity. There will also be an RSS Implementation Update covering a comprehensive review of all the changes being implemented for RSS, and a discussion of key next steps for Market Participants. Will be of particular interest to Market Participant settlements staff who have a contact role for Submitting Online IESO data, or for submitting disagreements.

Recorded Presentation

3:00 p.m.

Meeting Adjourned