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Development of an IESO Competitive Transmission Procurement Process

Resource Acquisition

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) invites feedback from all interested parties, including stakeholders and communities, to aid in the development of an IESO competitive transmission procurement process.

During the development of this process, the IESO will seek feedback from a broad spectrum of parties with an understanding of transmission procurement and/or transmission development, whether in Ontario or in other jurisdictions, or those parties with an interest in participating in Ontario’s competitive transmission procurement process. In order to fully understand the requirements, and to ensure that there is equal opportunity for Indigenous communities, organizations, and/or companies to continue to participate in the energy sector through this process, the IESO will seek input specifically from these groups.

This engagement will gather feedback from participants through various channels such as webinars, meetings, written feedback, letters, surveys, etc. Materials will be posted on this webpage, including information provided by participants of this engagement, with their consent. The IESO will consider all relevant input and demonstrate how feedback was considered in developing the process, where feasible.

The IESO’s goal is to develop a document or documents that will outline a flexible, scalable process to guide future IESO competitive transmitter selections and/or transmission procurements. As part of this initiative, the IESO will consider whether there are any suitable potential projects in which to pilot the process. 

For questions regarding this engagement or to register for the transmission procurement mailing list, please email the IESO at

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