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Conservation and Demand Management Information Solution

In collaboration with Local Distribution Companies (LDCs), the IESO is implementing a Conservation & Demand Management Information Solution (CDM-IS), a system capable of providing the functionality necessary for the management and administration of Conservation & Demand Management programs. The CDM-IS will replace the functions of the existing iCon 2011 solution, as well as some manual and partially automated processes.  The new CDM-IS will support the roles and responsibilities of the IESO and LDCs within the Ontario Conservation First Framework.

This engagement will inform stakeholders about the solution and provide opportunities for hands-on solution trials. The schedule of activities listed below outlines when and how participant feedback will be sought.

The IESO encourages all stakeholders in the Conservation First Framework, or their representatives with an interest in this initiative to participate in this engagement. This initiative will be of particular interest to:

  • LDCs
  • Natural Gas Utilities
  • Service Providers
  • Channel Allies (e.g. contractors, product manufacturers)
  • End-Use Consumers (distribution and transmission-connected)

All comments and enquiries in this stakeholder engagement can be directed to

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Documents referenced on this page, but not posted, can be obtained by contacting with a link to the web page that lists the document and advise whether it needs to be provided in an accessible format. Please allow a minimum of one business day for a response.

Schedule of Activities



Expected Actions

October 5, 2017

Closure of Engagement


March 21, 2016

Postponed – March 21 CDM-IS Webinar and Solution Trials

  • Communication


March 21 - April 1, 2016

Solution Trials - Release 1 Retrofit Program

  • Communication


March 21, 2016

Webinar to demonstrate solution trials of Release 1 (Retrofit Program)

  • Communication
  • Presentation


February 29, 2016

IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback

  • Communication
  • Webinar ResponseLog
  • CDM-IS Test Plan Release 1
  • CDM-IS Training Plan Release 1
  • CDM-IS Data Migration Plan Release 1

Summary of initial feedback

February 16, 2016

Participant Feedback due on Vendor’s Design for CDM-IS

Stakeholder Feedback

  • London Hydro
  • PowerStream Inc.
  • PowerStream Inc.
  • Toronto Hydro


February 5, 2016

Stakeholder webinar to present Vendor’s Design for CDM-IS

Materials to be posted in advance of Webinar

December 10, 2015

Communicate launch of Stakeholder Engagement and publish Stakeholder Engagement Plan

  • Communication