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2017 Stakeholder Summit

2017 Stakeholder Summit

This full-day summit held on June 12, 2017, brought together industry experts from across North America to share perspectives on how other jurisdictions are approaching their own shifting energy landscapes, including the real-time and longer term impacts of distributed energy networks and decarbonization on system operation.

In conjunction with this summit, the IESO hosted a series of regional forums throughout Ontario to facilitate dialogues on province-wide, regional and local energy issues. The sessions took place in Thunder Bay, Sudbury, London, Barrie, and Ottawa in fall 2017.


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What we heard from summit participants

Why did you come to the summit?

        "to obtain an overview of pressing current issues facing the Ontario sector"

         "to understand the issues from various points of view"

What did you learn?

        "Ontario's electricity system will adapt to value and incorporate distributed energy, storage, renewables and demand management"

        "About CDM opportunities in distributed energy resources"

2017 Summit Program and Presentations

Section I: Examining trends to a cleaner grid: decarbonisation on electricity markets and systems and how to learn from impacts and realize potential opportunities

  • Perspectives on Energy Demand, Capital, Technology, and Policy, presented by Nat Bullard, Head of Content, Bloomberg New Energy Finance - Presentation

Panel: Building Flexibility into the Electricity System

A panel of experts discuss the tools and rules that should be considered as electricity systems integrate and manage the influx of emissions-free power.

  • Moderator, Leonard Kula, Vice President, Market and System Operations & Chief Operating Officer - Presentation
  • Rupp Carriveau, Associate Professor, University of Windsor - Presentation
  • Rob Coulbeck, VP Energy Management, Goreway Station Partnership
  • Christian Weeks, Vice President and General Manager, Global Demand Response, EnerNOC - Presentation

Panel: The Influence of Decarbonisation on Tomorrow’s Electricity Market

This panel will discuss experiences in other jurisdictions with electricity markets that are seeing the effects of growing renewable resource penetration, and how markets are reacting to these shifts.

  • Moderator, Adam White, President & CEO, Powerconsumer Inc
  • Jack Burkom, Senior VP Commercial Development, Brookfield Energy Marketing Inc - Presentation
  • Pete Fuller, Vice President, Market & Regulatory Policy, NRG - Presentation
  • Kathleen Spees, Principal, The Brattle Group - Presentation

Section II: Examining the expanded grid: learning how distributed energy networks and empowered consumers change the make-up of traditional electricity markets and systems

  • How ISOs and RTOs can create a more nimble, robust bulk electricity system, presented by Edward Arlitt, IESO, Chairman, ISO-RTO Council Emerging Technologies Task Force - Presentation
  • NYISO Market Initiatives: Distributed Energy Resource Roadmap & Integrating Public Policy, presented by James Pigeon, Manager, Distributed Resources Integration NYISO - Presentation
  • Advancing Customer Driven Solutions, presented by Vinay Sharma, President London Hydro, EDA Chair & Todd Wilcox, President, North Bay Hydro, Past Chair, EDA - Presentation

Panel: Empowering consumers through conservation and demand management

This segment will describe how consumer engagement in conservation and demand management is happening in other jurisdictions. As consumers continue to see high electricity prices, and expanded opportunities for self-generation, what offerings will it take for customers to meaningfully engage with the grid?

  • Moderator, John Sherin, Manager, Climate Change and Energy Conservation, The Regional Municipality of York
  • Kenneth Black, Co-Chairman, E Source - Presentation
  • Matt Duesterberg, CEO and Co-founder, OhmConnect - Presentation
  • Robert King, President, Good Company Associates - Presentation

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