Industrial Electricity Incentive Program

The Industrial Electricity Incentive (IEI) Program was designed to assist in the management of electricity demand  - given decreased levels of industrial electricity use since 2007 - by encouraging increased industrial production. This was to be achieved through electricity-based price adjustments for eligible electricity consumption.

The program is now closed. It ran from November 2012 to December 2014, and was divided into three streams, which are described below:

Stream 1:  For industrial consumers that were willing to operate an industrial facility and undertake a large capital investment in technologies, products or processes that were not being used or produced in Ontario at the time. There were no Stream 1 participants in the IEI Program.

Stream 2:  For existing industrial consumers in Ontario that were willing to expand their existing, or build a new, industrial facility. There are no longer any Stream 2 participants in the IEI Program.

Stream 3:  For new and existing consumers in Ontario that were willing to build a new eligible facility or expand their existing eligible facility, and would carry on an activity classified within specific NAICS Canada 2012 sectors. Note that Stream 3 expanded eligibility to certain other energy-intensive sectors.