Energy-Efficiency Resources and Reports

Find below key resources and archived information from the previous Conservation First Framework (CFF). 

Energy-Efficiency Reporting

Ontario achieved 1.8 terawatt-hours (TWh) of energy savings in 2017, the highest annual savings achieved to date. At just under two cents per kilowatt-hour, energy efficiency continues to be the most cost-effective resource for Ontario’s power system.

Reports can be found on the IESO’s Power Data webpage.

2019 Achievable Potential Study

The 2019 Achievable Potential Study (APS) identifies and quantifies energy (electricity and natural gas) and demand savings, greenhouse gas emissions reductions and associated costs from energy-efficiency measures for the period of 2019-2038.

As the first integrated achievable potential study in Ontario, the 2019 APS captures the dynamic relationship between electricity and natural gas use to better support emerging whole home and business energy-efficiency measures and programs. The 2019 APS will be used to inform the development of future energy-efficiency frameworks; program design, implementation and evaluations; and long-term energy resource planning.

Additional details on the 2019 APS stakeholder engagement process are available on the on the APS engagement webpage.

2016 Achievable Potential Study

The Achievable Potential Study provides an estimate of the short-term electricity conservation potential that is achievable within the time frame of the CFF as well over a 20-year horizon for the province and each LDC.

For more information please visit the Achievable Potential stakeholder engagement webpage. 

Retrofit Portal

The Save on Energy Retrofit Portal provides an online platform for customers to easily apply for incentives through the Retrofit Program. The portal can be accessed on the Save on Energy website.

Please refer new Retrofit applications to the IESO:

Conservation First Framework Archive

Please find archived information on the former Conservation First Framework. 

In addition, LDCs may visit the LDC extranet to access Conservation First wind down materials, reports or other information that may be required.

Conservation First Framework Program Rules

Please find below program rules available for customers who have existing program contracts with their Local Hydro Company under the Conservation First Framework. 

CFF Rules
  • Save on Energy Business Refrigeration Incentive Program
  • Save on Energy Low Income Home Assistance Program

Local/Regional Program Rules

New Local/Regional Programs under the CFF, designed by LDCs to serve their communities or regions, were submitted for review and approval as part of their CDM Plan. Approved Program Rules are posted below.