2019-2020 Interim Framework

The 2019-2020 Interim Framework offers energy-efficiency incentives and rebates to electricity customers through a suite of Save on Energy programs. The programs provide a valuable and cost-effective system resource that helps customers better manage their energy costs.

Programs include:

In addition, there is opportunity for Transmission-Connected customers to participate in energy efficiency under the Process and Systems Upgrade Program and can access incentives through the Retrofit Program, Energy Manager Program, and energy-efficiency training opportunities.  

For a complete listing of programs and eligibility requirements please visit the Save on Energy website. 

October 14, 2021: 2019-2020 Energy-Efficiency Report Released

The Save on Energy programs under the 2019-2020 Interim Framework were focused on ensuring value for customers and the electricity system as a whole. The overall costs to deliver energy-efficiency programs in Ontario were reduced by streamlining the delivery of the programs and focusing their designs to achieve the most impact.

The Interim Framework programs focused on consumers most in need, including businesses, Indigenous communities and income-eligible residents. Opportunities were also available for communities to pilot programs tailored to meet local energy and demand needs.

Overall, the Interim Framework exceeded targets set, with participants contributing to 1.5 TWh of electricity savings for the province, equivalent to powering a city the size of Oshawa for one year.

In 2021, Save on Energy is celebrating its tenth anniversary supporting Ontarians and marking the introduction of a renewed commitment to energy efficiency. The new 2021-2024 Conservation and Demand Management Framework will continue to help meet electricity system needs through cost-effectively delivering programs and training that enable Ontario’s electricity consumers to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes, businesses, institutions and industrial facilities.

Download the full report (11 MB).

June 5, 2019: Ontario Interim Energy-Efficiency Framework Targets Released

Energy-efficiency efforts in Ontario are well positioned to help the province achieve real energy savings and reduce costs. The IESO’s Program Plan for the 2019/20 Interim Framework sets out an approach that provides streamlined energy-efficiency programs in ways that will achieve the most impact. Save on Energy programs will target businesses, Indigenous communities and low-income consumers, while at the same time, reducing costs up to $442 million.

This plan will also set the stage for the evolution for future initiatives that build on private sector capabilities to promote and incent energy efficiency. As part of its preparations for 2020 and beyond, the IESO will reach out to consumers and stakeholders alike to develop new approaches to ensure that Ontario’s electricity system can rely on conservation as the most cost-effective form of supply.

View a breakdown of the Interim Framework budget and targets.