Cyber Security Video Briefing

Ontario’s electricity system is a complex and interconnected network of suppliers, transmitters, distributors and customers. The IESO works at the centre of the sector, ensuring each of these parts works together to ensure reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity.

To foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the IESO hosts Cyber Security Executive Briefing, an annual gathering that features experts in the field of cyber security sharing insights and perspectives to the broader cyber community within the electricity sector. While the pandemic put a pause to in-person, and the IESO pivoted online to maintain engagement and outreach of the Cyber Security Executive Briefing.

For 2023, the IESO is offering a unique digital presence discussing topical cyber issues curated and summarized as a mini five-part pre-recorded video series: Cyber Security and the Electricity Grid.

Episode 1: The IESO's Focus

Guest: Lesley Gallinger, President and CEO, IESO.

Discussion Topics: The IESO’s focus on cyber security; protecting the grid; attacks in relation to the electrical transformation; assessment tools to assess risk; the Lighthouse program; executives’ roles.

Episode 2: Threat Landscape Trends

Guests: Rajiv Gupta, Associate Head, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security; Bluma Sussman, Vice-President of Stakeholder Engagement, NERC / E-ISAC

Discussion Topics: Threat landscape trends and themes, along with key moments in cyber events and the takeaway lessons from those events; the evolving threat landscape; NoName057(16) and its eventual impact on Canada; nation-state threat actors.

Episode 3: Cyber Incident Response Planning

Guest: Ranjika Manamperi, CISO, Ontario Power Generation

Discussion Topics: Response plans on dealing with an attack inside an organization; developing incident response plans; GridEX; importance of incident response playbooks.

Episode 4: Top Security Needs and Challenges

Guest: David Williams, Director IT, ErthCorp

Discussion Topics: Organizations’ top security needs and challenges; 2022 being the all-time high for cyber security attacks; the importance and areas of improvement for cyber security insurance; value of cyber training for employees enterprise-wide.

Episode 5: Sector Collaboration

Guests: Brian Hewson, VP Consumer Protection & Industry Performance, Ontario Energy Board; Carl Hayes, Partner, and Chief Revenue Officer, Stratejm; Patricia Klayh, Vice-President, Insurance & Risk Management Services, The MEARIE Group; Ranjika Manamperi, Rajiv Gupta.

Discussion Topics: Deep dive into collaboration efforts; highlights of sector achievements and partnerships.