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Planned IT Outages

All planned IT system outages are posted as soon as they are scheduled. Participants can view outage notification details for the same day, as well as outages planned in the future.

Participants can also view information about outages that occurred in the past 60 days by selecting Archive in the table below.

Planned Outages for 03 Oct 2022

Outage Times Systems Description
There are no scheduled outages.

Future Outages

Outage Times Systems Description
October 4, 2022
17:00 - 19:00 EST Online IESO

Due to planned outage Online IESO will not be available. This includes the following applications:

  1. Registration Automation System – Manage organization registration and participant authorization, Facility registration and Meter Installation processes.

  2. Notice of Disagreement (NOD) – Manage the process with participants related to settlement and invoicing concerns.

  3. Meter Trouble Report (MTR) -  Manages the process related to correcting revenue meter errors.

  4. Meter Data Management (MDM) – Manage meter data report profiles and submit ad-hoc meter data requests.

  5. Prudential System - Submit Prudential Support Information.

  6. Capacity Auction – Submit Capacity Enrollment and Capacity Auction Offer.

  7. Reliability Compliance Tool - Manage the process of collecting submittals from participants related to NERC reliability standards.

  8. Enable Capacity Export – Give the market participant the ability to sell excess capacity to neighboring jurisdictions.

  9. Online Settlement Forms -  Collect market participant data required to settle the market.

  10. Audit Revenue Metering Installation – Add, delete, or modify existing findings, actions, and finding classifications

  11. DR Metering Audit – Submit Demand Response metering audit

  12. Manage Contributor – Manage Demand Response Contributor Registry information

  13. Non-Compliance Report – Self-report possible breaches of the market rules

  14. CDM Plan and Measures - Used by LDCs and IESO to collaborate on changes to the LDC CDM Plans.

  15. Retrofit - Manage Conservation Retrofit program and Restful API to interact with Retrofit program.

  16. Beacon System – Manage the process with external suppliers related to FIT and microFIT contract management.




October 6, 2022
13:00 - 13:10 EST IESO Reports Site The Predispatch report will not be published.
12:15 - 12:45 EST IESO Reports Site Confidential Report publication will be delayed.

Public Report publication will be delayed.
12:15 - 12:45 EST Dispatch Service Automated dispatch instructions sent via Dispatch Service will be unavailable. The IESO will manually dispatch by phone as necessary. The Dispatch Service Web UI users may get disconnected and will need to login and verify connected after the outage.
13:00 - 14:00 EST IESO Reports Site The Adequacy  report will not be published.
12:15 - 16:30 EST Day-Ahead Optimization System (DAOS) The Eligible Energy Limited Resource Optimization (EELR) run of the Day-Ahead Commitment Process (DACP) DAOS will not occur:
  • EELRs will be unable to resubmit their offers for consideration in the DACP after the initial DAOS run
  • If the initial DAOS run is successful, it will be considered the Schedule of Record