2020 Market Calendars

Reliability Outlook Information Submission Calendar

Market participants are required under the market rules to provide information to the IESO to enable the IESO to conduct reliability assessments. The submission deadlines for input information for the Reliability Outlook (formerly known as the 18-Month Outlook) and other reliability assessments are listed.

IESO Revenue Meter Interrogation Schedule

Normal revenue meter interrogation takes place between midnight and 6 am EST.

The IESO will make reasonable efforts to inform market participants if metering data collection occurs outside the normal interrogation period as indicated in Market Manual 5.2 Meter Data Processing, Section 1.3.1 Meter Data Collection.

A notice will be posted notifying market participants of any data collections outside the normal interrogation schedule.

The IESO Settlement Schedule and Payment Calendars provide the timelines according to which market participants receive settlement statements and submit or receive payments for invoices. There are separate calendars for the physical market (day-to-day energy generation or consumption) and the financial market (transmission rights auctions) to reflect the different market activities of market participants.