Technical Conference

Non-Emitting Resource Subcommittee Technical Conference

More than 180 sector participants gathered at the IESO’s Non-emitting Resources Subcommittee Technical Conference to explore:

  • How non-emitting resources can play an enhanced role in the IESO administered markets,
  • Solutions to barriers that may limit their participation, and
  • Different perspectives on the integration of newer technologies in the future market.

Speakers included industry experts and stakeholders from across North America.

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Conference materials


Opening Remarks
Leonard Kula, COO, Vice President of Planning, Acquisition and Operations, IESO

Update on electric storage participation in wholesale markets - FERC order 841
Matthew Tanner, Navigant

Panel: Unlocking the wholesale market potential of non-emitting distributed energy resources
Distributed energy resources are an emerging option to meet Ontario’s needs. This session will explore the opportunities and challenges ahead for distributed resources to realise their full wholesale market potential.

Southwest Power Pool’s experience in implementing change effectively with stakeholders and integrating NERs in their new energy market design
Bruce Rew, VP Operations, Southwest Power Pool

Panel: Expanding the role of variable generation non-emitting resources 
A discussion on the role VG resources can play in the unbundled market, how they can be a solution for reliability needs, and the opportunities available to work with other resource types.

Panel: Capturing the full value of capital intensive non-emitting resources in an unbundled electricity market
A discussion on how to capture the energy and non-energy attributes of strategic resources and the opportunities to operate these assets more efficiently to meet future needs.