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Ontario’s electricity system is constantly evolving and the IESO is at the forefront of the sector ensuring that electricity is available to Ontarians when and where they need it. We do this through various programs and initiatives that are designed to manage supply and demand and ensure the reliability of Ontario’s electricity system.

Weekly newsletter – IESO news, notices, updates and events.

Program highlights and opportunities to apply for open and targeted requests for proposal.

Insights into IESO led initiatives that maintain the cost-effectiveness and reliability of the grid.

Funding opportunities for Indigenous communities.

Market design updates that impact how we supply, deliver and price electricity.

General updates on the third party access program including smart meter data sets.

Keep up-to-date with MT RFP procurement documents, milestones and deadlines.

Keep up-to-date with procurement documents, updates, milestones and deadlines for the IESO’s Long-Term RFPs (including LT1 and LT2).

Quarterly business newsletter, program updates, events and ways to save energy.

Quarterly Power What’s Next residential newsletter, program updates, events and ways to save energy.

The Province of Ontario is divided into five regional electricity networks. By joining your Regional Electricity Network, you gain valuable insights into issues and innovations impacting Ontario’s electricity sector.

Ontario is divided into 21 planning regions. Regional planning looks at the unique needs of each region through coordination, engagement and integration. By signing up to receive updates, you can help guide regional planning initiatives that impact your community.